GPShopper's 2016 Holiday Mobile App Platform Report

Posted by Lauren Hand on Dec 7, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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3 Lessons Learned About Mobile App Shoppers This Holiday

Posted by Lauren Hand on Dec 6, 2016 4:58:38 PM

GPShopper, the leading mobile commerce platform for retailers and brands, announced that mobile app visits and purchases were at an all-time high last holiday weekend, with average revenue across clients reaching up to 660% compared to a typical day. 

1) Thanksgiving is the new Black Friday.

While Black Friday surpassed even the highest of estimates, hitting a record-breaking $3.34 billion - a 21.6% increase over 2015 - Thanksgiving Day saw an incredible amount of traffic and revenue from mobile devices. Amazon reported that mobile orders on Thanksgiving Day topped Cyber Monday, Walmart saw over 70% of website traffic on Thanksgiving was mobile, and Target's data showed that 60% of Thanksgiving sales were from mobile devices.

When compared to a typical day, GPShopper's retail clients experienced nearly 500% in revenue from mobile on Thanksgiving Day - even higher than Black Friday's mobile revenue of 460%. 

App users are loyal shoppers, and these loyal shoppers expect to be in-the-know about a retailer’s offers and promotions on Thanksgiving. Smart retailers took advantage of this behavior by releasing exclusive “first look” previews of Black Friday deals and gift ideas to their app user base. Many used push notifications to drive timely digital promotions over the course of evening, increasing in-app and online conversion. By the time the table was cleared, and into the wee hours of Black Friday morning, many loyalists were quickly racking up sales at their preferred retailers. 

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Topics: Infographics, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Apps, Push Notifications, Loyalty, GPShopper Clients, Market Research, Mobile Commerce, In-Store Mobile, Benchmarks & Statistics, Omnichannel Retail, Holiday Season

Forrester Research: A Recipe for Mobile App Success

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Dec 1, 2016 10:30:00 AM




Even though we are in the thick of the Holiday season, retailers are looking to 2017 and the new challenges they'll be faced with. Incorporating a mobile app and strategy can build momentum and help retailers to do more with less, by reaching new consumers, driving repeat business, increasing order values and much more. This past Black Friday alone, mobile sales generated over $1.2 Billion in revenue. Yet, too often, retailers launch apps and assume that action, in itself, is enough.

It takes more than just measuring metrics like downloads to determine an apps success as detailed in a recent Forrester Research report, A Recipe for Mobile App Success, written by Jennifer Wise, Senior Analyst &  Julie Ask, VP and Principal Analyst for eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. The report focuses on how to market, engage and manage mobile app performance to drive business outcomes. These strategies vary depending on different focus areas.

For example, in order to engage consumers, retailers are encouraged to manufacture mobile moments to drive downloads and app use. These 'moments' will vary depending on the goods - such as daily consumables or infrequent purchases. For daily consumables, such as groceries, weekly reminders and coupons are suitable. On the flip side, for infrequent or higher cost goods, more consideration is done, so retailers are encouraged to create content that may be browsed and is aspirational in nature.

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Holiday Retail: Setting Shipping & Delivery Expectations 

Posted by Lauren Hand on Nov 29, 2016 11:17:12 AM

After a record-breaking Cyber Monday, retailers may be rejoicing at their online sales - the majority of which came from mobile! And with only 25 shopping days left in the 2016 holiday season, the pressure is on to maintain increased sales across all devices as well as in-store.

As the countdown begins, it's time for retailers to plan on driving customers to shop locally by setting shipping expectations now, then shifting their mobile messaging in mid-December. Between shipping snags and plain old procrastination, shoppers will turn to brick-and-mortar to get those last minute gifts. Retailers should tailor their messaging mid-month to drive traffic into their physical stores.

December 14 - 24 
Focus: Shop Locally

  1. Set Expectations
    Use push notifications and mobile web Smart Banners to remind users of your shipping deadlines. Past deadline? Push alerts to your Store Locator feature will remind shoppers of your extended hours and locations.

  2. Local Inventory & In-Store Coupons
    Drive shoppers to stores by letting them check local inventory and offering digital coupons that can be redeemed in-store.
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Huffington Post: No More Door Busters

Posted by Maya Mikhailov on Nov 23, 2016 1:13:11 PM

Article in Huffington Post
Written by Maya Mikhailov

Americans are more likely to be hitting the snooze button this Friday than getting up and in line for Black Friday door busters. The 71 percent of consumers sleeping with their smartphones under their pillow don’t need to go any further than the breakfast table for a good deal this year. Why go to the mall when they can go to their mobile devices for all their holiday sales needs?

The holiday shopping season is about to officially kick off and most consumers aren’t even going to wait until their Thanksgiving meals are over to tap into all the promotions lighting up their smartphones. Instead of door busters, they’re going to be looking for screen busters. In fact, in 2015, GPShopper’s clients saw a 241 percent increase in visits to their app and a nearly 400 percent revenue increase on Thanksgiving Day. After a year of steady mobile retail growth in general, it’s hard to ignore this shifting trend that favors phones over physical stores on what has become the biggest shopping day of the year.

Smart retailers aren’t glazing over this evolving trend either. In fact, they’re shifting their strategies to match consumer behavior, knowing the opportunity to reach shoppers now lies with Thanksgiving day itself rather than Black Friday and officially embracing the earlier start to the shopping season.

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