Building your Mobile App Experience: Loyalty & Engagement

Posted by David Kovacs on Sep 22, 2016 10:00:00 AM

This is the second in a three-part series helping retailers plan their mobile strategy. See part one here


With an app you have the opportunity to deliver an experience tailored for your best customers. So what should that experience be? For every brand that answer will be different, but this series presents a framework outlining four key functional categories: Commerce, Loyalty, Engagement, and Utility.

My last post explored Commerce (read it here). Today I'll focus on Loyalty and Engagement.


Starbucks is the obvious poster child on this one, but enhancing a loyalty program with an app should be a no brainer for retailers. App users visit the app 4-5 times per month. Use this opportunity to make sure they know their status and motivate them to earn more. Leverage your rich CRM data to send segmented push notifications and messages to an app inbox. Reward customers for social sharing through the app or for in-store check in. PacSun does a great job at this and even rewards for opening emails and time spent in app. Leveraging the proactive marketing capabilities of an app is one of the best ways to unlock the value of a loyalty program. 

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Building Your Mobile App Experience: Commerce

Posted by David Kovacs on Sep 20, 2016 10:00:00 AM

This is the first in a three-part series helping retailers plan their mobile strategy. 


“What is a mobile app going to do that my responsive site doesn’t?”

When your company builds mobile apps this is a question you get all the time, and it’s a reasonable one.

This is where I see retailers getting stalled in their decision to launch an app, which should have very clear business benefits. They have seen others succeed with an app strategy, but are not sure what exactly to build.

But instead of comparing responsive web to app, let’s ask a different question: “If you could build a digital experience for your best customers, what would that experience be?” 

Reframing the question this way will lead retailers to envision experiences that are very different than their mobile responsive site. 

That’s not to say that responsive has no value. Indeed, responsive serves its purpose quite well for the 80-90% of visitors who are not brand loyalists and just passing through. But an app will reach a more concentrated group of shoppers that will spend larger amounts. “The 80/20 Rule” implies that 80% of revenues will be driven by 20% of customers. This 20% is the audience that an app is targeting. For many retailers, the top 10% of their customer base accounts for over 50% of their revenues

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Meet Our Mobile Experts At Next Week in Dallas

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Sep 19, 2016 10:38:00 AM, the annual digital retail summit produced by NRF, is fast approaching and building anticipation among the retail community. Scheduled to take place next week in Dallas, September 26 - 28, this year's show is expected to focus on omni-channel, digital commerce and share ideas that can help retailers find success after an extremely challenging year has forced the retail community to rethink traditional strategies.

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Steve Madden's Mobile First App Strategy Success

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Sep 14, 2016 1:30:00 PM

This week, Total Retail sat down with Steve Madden's President of E-Commerce, Mark Friedman, to discuss how the brand is leveraging their newly launched mobile app to win over customers. Since launching the app in April, the app has been named as one of the "Most Loved Shopper Apps" by Internet Retailer, and for good reason.

At a time when retailers are struggling to gain profits, Steve Madden is doing quite well. Friedman attributes this to the leadership of Steve Madden himself and the company's ability to interpret trends for customers and deliver products to market in a timely manner. Part of this, is their ability to do so with a 'mobile first' app strategy and mentality at the company.

So, why choose to go with a mobile first strategy, why is that the priority at Steve Madden? Steve Madden noticed that smartphone traffic throughout the retail industry and specifically to their site, continued to grow. As a result, they began to think about what that customer experience was like coming from smartphones, how they were navigating the mobile site, engaging with the brand and more. Naturally, Steve Madden wanted to put their best, designer shoe, forward!

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IBTimes: Why Is The September Issue So Important?

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Sep 13, 2016 3:22:19 PM

Article in International Business Times
Written by Alexandra Suarez 

For years, September has been a huge month for fashion publications. Featuring all of the coming fashions for the fall and winter seasons, fashion and lifestyle print publications’ September issues are historically the largest of the year.

Fashion magazines are normally a vehicle for advertisers and major retailers, with September issues packed with advertisements. In 2014, for example, Ad Age reported the five top women's magazines with the most September ad pages, showing Conde Nast's "Vogue" sold the most ad pages with 631. Time Inc.'s "InStyle" ranked second with 485 pages.

But in today's digital age, are consumers still relying on publications to make major retail purchases for upcoming seasons?

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