10 Companies Disrupting Their Industries Through Technology (Forbes)

Posted by Lauren Hand on Oct 6, 2014 8:30:00 AM
Lauren Hand

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Written by Larry Myler

Looking for a competitive advantage? Try crushing the competition by becoming a leader in your category.  How can you do that? By changing the rules of the game. By reinventing the way business is done in your industry. And by using technology to scale quickly, forcing your competition to play catch-up.

This holiday season, 10% of shoppers will be using GPShopper technology without even knowing it. But GPShopper’s clients, such as Best BuybebeExpress, Grainger and The North Face know GPShopper very well because of substantial sales increases. GPShopper plays an important support role for its retail customers, setting up in-store beacons that wake up the cell phones of distracted and harried shoppers when they are in close proximity to special deals they would be interested in. This is just one example of the broad range of marketing management tools available from GPShopper, which all operate in the background to target and engage would-be customers. GPShopper CEO and Co-founder Alex Muller sums it up with this observation: “Every month we engage with tens of millions of shoppers, driving them to our clients in ways they’ve never been able to do in the past.” Can your company create this level of value as a behind-the-scenes provider of sales support?

Read about the 9 other companies that made the list.

Larry Myler is an adjunct professor in the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at BYU.

Topics: In-Store Experience, Retail Tech News, Mobile Retail Apps, Omnichannel Retail

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