3 Ways to Combat Showrooming With Mobile

Posted by Lauren Hand on Mar 25, 2015 10:59:00 AM
Lauren Hand

Showrooming is the practice of visiting a brick-and-mortar store to see, try and feel a product before buying it cheaper online somewhere else. The threat is real, with Once a threat to retailers, with 35% of shoppers identified as showroomers. Retailers are fighting back and mobile is leading the way to combat this. Below are three tips that can help retailers win the showrooming game with mobile:

1. Location, location, locationphotodune-488231-attractive-young-lady-at-retail-shop-xs

Geo-fence targeting has made more localized content a reality for retailers. Delivering location-specific content via a push notification - like a mobile-only coupon, or limited edition product release information - when a consumer is near a store, can increase purchase intent by 20%. By taking advantage of location in a way that desktop commerce cannot, retailers can use mobile to drive consumers into stores. 

2. In-Store Experiences

Digital and brick-and-mortar experiences are growing closer and retailers that can leverage this are seeing real success. Deloitte reported that 19% of all in-store conversions are influenced by mobile and that when consumers use mobile devices in-store, they are more likely to convert. There are a number of ways to enhance the in-store experience through mobile. One growing trend is offering in-store wifi, with one study finding that this could boost customer loyalty by 28%. This can help drive traffic to stores and increase the amount of time users spend in-store. Another solution is beacons, where incentives like mobile only coupons can be triggered at key moments (say near a relevant product, or near checkout) to drive conversion.

3. Arm Your Associates

A key part of any consumer’s experience is customer service. REI has leveraged mobile to continue evolving brand perception. Mobile devices in REI stores are helping the brand establish their associates as experts, from fitting equipment to helping consumers check the snow forecast for a local ski resort. Estee Lauder’s iPad app, available at make-up counters, give consumers additional product info and a full view into the brand’s inventory that may not be available in the display. Mobile can also drive conversion by allowing consumers to check-out anywhere on the sales floor. Gucci has given its store associates  a mobile POS app that can process sales, email receipts and even act as a translator or currency converter. This personalized and immediate level of service counteracts the less interactive nature of buying online, and even a minor price cut can’t always beat that.



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