3 Ways to Drive App Downloads with the Promise of Convenience

Posted by Lauren Hand on Sep 2, 2015 9:00:00 AM
Lauren Hand

Last week we discussed easy ways to grow your mobile app audience with the channels you’re already using – social media, e-mail campaigns and your mobile responsive website.

These are great methods for announcing the launch or update of your mobile app, as you’re guaranteed to reach your existing customer base. But after gaining that visibility, what factors and features will actually entice those shoppers to become your app users?

Perhaps the most meaningful way to drive app downloads is simply offering a well-functioning app that your customers will love. Your mobile app should enhance the shopping experience, and that means stacking it with features that increase convenience, and then informing your customers that these features exist.

1. Touch ID
bebe_-_Touch_ID_Login_PhoneLet your customers know that when they download your app, they can scrap their passwords and use Touch ID for instant login. The convenience-factor is a major draw.

Touch ID is a convenient feature that gives shoppers easy access to your app, foregoing their passwords with just a touch of their thumb. Not only will Touch ID give your app users quick access to the items saved in their Shopping Cart or Wish List; it speeds and simplifies the checkout process. With pre-stored payment information verified with the most secure identifier possible – a user’s unique fingerprint – customers no longer have to enter and confirm lengthy credit card numbers. This easier login and frictionless shopping experiences ensures higher app cart conversions.   

2. Assist Me
Mobile app content can (and should) be personalized based on purchase history, shopping behavior, size preferences, demographics, and geographic location – including the shopper’s location inside the four walls of the retailer’s store. 

Many retailers are using location-based features to create enhanced in-store experiences, such as Smart Fitting Rooms. Features like ‘Assist Me’ are growing in popularity, using peer-to-peer or beacon technology to communicate between the consumer’s mobile app and the tablet app used by store associates.

3. Checkout Now
Assist_Me__Checkout_Now_in_PhonesIf a customer is in the fitting room and would like to try on a different clothing size, selecting Assist Me will allow the shopper to summon a store associate without ever having to leave the fitting room. The store associate will see the notification on their tablet, including the shopper’s fitting room location. Additionally, the account login of the customer's mobile app also would give the associate the customer's name and purchase history if the customer opted to share this information. This heightened level of customer service and personalization further builds loyalty, increases purchase size and encourages repeat visitors. 

Provide added convenience by allowing your most loyal shoppers to avoid long checkout lines during the busy holiday season. With a ‘Checkout Now’ feature, app users are able to complete their purchase anywhere on the floor by letting the staff come to them.

Much like Assist Me, Checkout Now is enabled with P2P technology. When the shopper is ready to checkout, they can easily and directly notify staff that will then assist with completing the transaction. It also helps retailers “save the sale” before customers become turned off by possible long lines and time constraints. Checkout Now also provides a powerful and positive customer service experience by allowing your most loyal shoppers to feel even more valued.

For additional holiday planning tips, download GPShopper’s 2015 Holiday Planning Calendar for Retailers.


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