3 Ways to Increase App Downloads

Posted by Lauren Hand on Apr 1, 2015 11:00:00 AM
Lauren Hand

If you build an app, will they come? With all the products in the app stores today, it is critical to augment your marketing strategy to drive app downloads. Here are three ways to help you increase this VIP metric: 


  1. Promote, Promote, Promote
    Do not assume that your consumers will find your app. Promoting your app across existing tnf_emailchannels - where you have a relationship with your most loyal customers - can see a dramatic uptick in app downloads. This can be a smart banner on a responsive site, or an email campaign introducing your app or the latest features on your app.

  1. ASO 
    SEO is a familiar term for marketers. ASO stands for App Store Optimization and is an easy and intentional way to help you boost downloads. 63% of apps are discovered via searches in the app store. Improve your chances of getting discovered by placing a keyword in the title, a feat that can improve your search ranking by 10.3%

  1. Shoot for the Stars
    Rankings matter. According to Appurify, 75% of the top apps have at least 4 stars and this is becoming the new pre-requisite for breaking into the top 1000. This positioning is crucial for the app store rankings: higher rated apps will continue to climb over time in comparison to lower ranked ones. Make sure your app is well tested and adds values for your users. If you are still stumped, here are 4 ways to getting more stars.



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