5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Program

Posted by Lauren Hand on Feb 2, 2015 10:03:10 AM
Lauren Hand

Are you ready to step up your mobile game this year? You should be. In 2015, it is projected that 83% of all internet usage will be consumed on mobile. Here are 5 quick tips that will put you on track for a better mobile program.Bebe-Phones.png

1. Build An App
An app is not merely an easily accessible version of your website. While responsive web design has given consumers a way to engage with your brand on mobile, it should not be treated the same as an app. An app can give you capabilities that responsive web inherently cannot. It can provide consumers with geo-targeted content and allow them to pay with mobile. Offering an app provides yet another opportunity for retailers to focus on what is most important to consumers.

2. Update Regularly 

Just like any other product, an app requires updates to consistently stay relevant. This can be anything from minor tweaks to improving UI, or adding new features that enhance a consumer's UX or subtracting features that are no longer used. 

3. Plan Your Audience 

The most successful mobile programs are those that serve your audiences appropriately. Apps are for the most loyal consumers, emails are for promotions and the brick-and-mortar experience is still something consumers crave. All these different touch points can feel tiresome if the content is repetitive. 

4. Listen to Your Users

If you have had a mobile program for a few years, one of the easiest ways to improve is to listen to your consumers. Always work in an easy feedback form for your users in-app or in responsive web. Listening to your users before they hit the app store reviews can make them feel valued and increase retention.

5. Respect the OS

iOS is not Android and Android is not iOS. During the design process, be respectful of the platforms they are being served on. The choice of what device to use is personal to most users and they are used to certain conventions that different operating systems offer. For example, Android users have back buttons on their devices and will intuitively know to use it to navigate, while iOS users require one within the app. Do not assume you can pass an iOS app off as an Android app or vice versa, this may alienate consumers and limit your base.



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