7 Important Stats on the Mobile Consumption of Baby Boomers

Posted by Lauren Hand on Aug 3, 2015 2:06:18 PM
Lauren Hand

Baby_Boomers_Online_ShoppingMany retailers are putting a strong focus on targeting the millennial generation of shoppers, currently the largest demographic and consumer group, accounting for $600 billion in annual spending.

Millennial shopping habits are thought to be different than those of older generations, as millennials were raised in a digital era and have high expectations for content delivered via online and mobile devices.

But retailers catering to an older demographic are struggling with shaping a strategy that reaches their consumer while adapting today’s technology-driven retail environment. How do customers in the 55+ age group, for example, want to be reached? Are they as mobile-savvy and app-dependent as those born after 1980?

Luckily, the digital consumption habits of the Baby Boomer demographic isn’t far from that of Millennials.

Mobile App Usage: Consumers age 55+ spend more than 21 hours across an average of 22 different apps per month.

Mobile Advertising: Only among consumers age 55+ do men and women perform similarly with 24.2% and 28.2% (respectively) saying they frequently tapped or swiped on ads within a mobile browser.

Mobile Penetration:

Mobile Tracking: 46% of consumers age 55+ are comfortable sharing information for an improved shopping experience.

Mobile Expectations: 27% of shoppers age 55+ expressed frustration when online product recommendations fail to update in real-time.






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