Aligning Your Holiday Messaging Across Channels

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Sep 29, 2015 2:46:15 PM
Elizabeth Hoffman

With over 50% of all traffic to retail sites currently ocurring on mobile devices - a percentage that IBM expects to increase even further by December - it's no mystery why most retailers are placing a heavy emphasis on mobile when planning their 2015 holiday strategies.

A study by the National Retail Federation shows that shoppers spend more both in-store and online during the holiday season, which includes November and December sales. Overall online spend is increasing faster year -over-year. In 2014, online sales grew 6.8% over 2013, while in-store sales grew 4% over 2013. Additionally, according to Deloitte, digitally-influenced sales are five times larger than all e-commerce sales in the U.S.


Given this trend and the fact that the holiday season has now officially begun,  it is imperative to properly align your holiday messaging across all channels, such as mobile, web, and in-store to fully give your customers an omni-channel experience and drive the message home. 

Cohesive Messaging Across Channels
To get started, we recommend that retailers begin to promote their mobile app to customers as a way for them to properly navigate the holiday season and become aware of special deals and promotions that are most relevant to them. They can then use the app as a tool to send out pertinent content to customers that will in turn drive them to the store and make their holiday shopping season a less stressful, more enjoyable one.

Take a lesson from Charlotte Russe, they view mobile as crticial to the center of their omnichannel framework. They have successfully used it as a way to increase sales  not just online or on mobile devices, but to also drive revenue and traffic in-store, by using push notifications and themes that tie the online, in-store and mobile experience together seamlessly.

At GPShopper, when we help our clients plan for the holiday, we break the holiday season into six time periods - each with a distanct focus for mobile messaging to best engage customers. These date specific tactics are proven to help retail marketers increase app downloads, customer loyalty and revenue across all channels.

Download GPShopper's 2015 Holiday Planning Calendar for Retailers for 30+ mobile marketing tips, the holiday season messagaing strategies and more so you can make the most of this holiday season. 

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