Amazon Boosts Mobile Promotion with Live stream of SXSW Concert

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Mar 24, 2016 3:44:19 PM
GPShopper Press Coverage

Article in Mobile Commerce Daily
Written by Chantal Tode

Amazon and Huawei teamed up to pair a live stream of a South by Southwest concert on the ecommerce giant’s site with a special offer for the handset manufacturer’s Honor 5X phone, pointing to how attention-getting content can boost mobile promotions.

For several hours, consumers could watch a live stream on Amazon of several up-and-coming bands at SXSW. The event, which was pushed out on social media and viewable on mobile, included placement around the streaming player for a special offer to buy an unlocked Huawei Honor 5X for $199.99 and receive free ear buds and a $5 Amazon Prime music credit.

SXSW.png“At SXSW I was able to witness many brands experimenting with mixing their brand message with unique exclusive content – McDonalds had a whole experience lab set up with VR, Mr. Roboto show threw a Carnival with exclusive content and interactive events,” said Maya Mikhailov, chief marketing officer and co-founder of GPShopper.

“The marriage of brands and content isn’t new,” she said. “Mobile devices are just expanding the audience reach of as the event occurs, versus in the past, after it is over.”

Live streaming

For one day only, Amazon customers purchasing the Honor 5X also received a free music package including a $5 Amazon Music Credit and a pair Honor earphones.

The offer was promoted in the frame around the live stream player.

The promotion is an example of how Amazon is looking to bring the brand into the real world as smartphone-savvy consumers increasingly look for omnichannel experiences.

It also underscores Amazon’s escalating role in the media landscape as its content offerings increasingly grab consumer attention.

“The fact that Amazon has to push into the ‘real world’ is exactly the arena where many retailers have grown up,” Ms. Mikhailov said. “No one should be more familiar with throwing events at physical locations, think Trunk and Fashion Shows.

“Savvy retailers will leverage their everyday locations to connect with consumers on an entirely new level using digital technologies to bridge the bag,” she said.

“The real concern should come from content producers and networks, who are now butting up against Amazon as a legitimate media entity.”

Read the entire article in Mobile Commerce Daily.


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