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Posted by Aaron Miller on Apr 28, 2016 9:30:00 AM
Aaron Miller

I’ll admit it; I’m a member of the ‘elite’ group of consumers known as the mobile-obsessed millennials. I’ll take the epithet with pride, utilizing my mobile device for product discovery, constant communication, and finding out more about the world. I’m always interested to discover new and interesting apps. One of my favorite apps is a recently launched grocery, discovery-orientated app called Shrink.Shrink-Home.png

Shrink is certainly not alone in the grocery discovery apps, in fact it’s quite a saturated space. Snap, CheckOut 51 and BerryCart are just a few similar apps. However, I constantly find myself returning to Shrink because of its innovative concept, well-designed user-interface, and ease-of-use. I find myself visiting the app multiple times a week to discover new brands and products.

The app sets itself apart from its competitors by providing its quasi-loyalty programs for individual brands, where you can get free products and discounts by purchasing a set amount of items. It is this gamification that makes the app fun and encourages use of the app.   

Shrink makes it simple to add items to your shopping list with a touch of a button. The shopping list functionality becomes a utility in the store with the ability to scan the items to check them off of your shopping list. The barcode scanning functionality is increasingly become table stakes for retail apps. With Shrink, once you scan the item it is ready to be submitted, along with your receipt to get money back and loyalty points to be used for future discounts. The ease of use is another factor that encourages engagement.

Shrink-Redeem.pngShrink understands the importance of building an app with a slick, logical user-interface. It has one section where it features the brands with large, appealing imagery. Successful apps should not ignore the power of visuals to captivate the mobile audience. The rebates section enables you to see what rebates are trending, harnessing the power of user-engagement. The redeem section makes processing your rebates a two-step seamless process, simply scan the items and submit your receipt. Lastly, in the wallet section you can clearly see your recent earnings history and cash out seamlessly to both PayPal and Venmo.  

Overall, Shrink is a fantastic app for not only saving money but for discovering new products and brands while getting rewarded. One section I would have to create an even more powerful app would be to enable push notifications to further drive brand engagement. The user could set his preferences for a particular category and get notified when new brands are released on the app. It is this excitement for the new and unknown that will further drive app engagement.  

Written by Aaron Miller
Business Development Manager, GPShopper 





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