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Posted by Bretty Ransby on Jul 26, 2016 9:30:00 AM
Bretty Ransby

Strava allows you to track all your runs, rides and cross-training with GPS, upload activities from your Garmin, Android or iPhone, and automatically log your workouts. The app has a heavy social aspect, encouraging users to join Challenges, share photos from their activities, and follow friends. Strava-screenshot.png

I’ve only spent a couple of months on the Strava app but I’ve really enjoyed the time that I have. It’s a cool way to mark my own progress and even get ideas for places to ride or run in the area from my friends. Even when I’m traveling, I can see and replicate bike loops that have been logged by others.

Personally, I find when I’ve got a training ride on the schedule and I can’t find the motivation, it helps to see someone else beating me -  I refuse to let them get the best of me.

In addition, as I’ve been riding/biking more, I actually had no idea there were limits my shoes and bikes could take. I found out I’ve put over 400 miles on my shoes this year so far and apparently, that is about their limit. With the app, you can actually track how many miles all of your gear has endured. 

Perhaps most importantly, as someone who has moved around my entire life, this app provides another way for me to connect with those I’ve befriended over the years. All across the world I can find something in common with these friends even though we can’t hangout all the time. It takes the place of the forced look-at-me aspect of Facebook or Twitter, feeling somewhat more inviting and part of a community.

Oh and the night I saw Neil (pictured above) do 3.1 miles… I did 3.2 miles that night. I’d like to tell it was for a reason other than spite but yet, here we are.


Written by Brett Ransby

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