App Reviews: The Lifeline of the App and Its Developer

Posted by Lauren Hand on May 8, 2015 10:15:00 AM
Lauren Hand

App reviews are important because:

  • They are one of the most important factors of survival for any App and it’s developer, offering developers feedback on how to improve the experience. Its important to keep updating your app to make it better. It's about staying competitive.

  • Ratings and reviews play a heavy role in the ranking system. Those ratings are all aggregated to put together an overall score, which will lead to a higher placement in the store rankings. Rankings (stars) and reviews have now a bigger weight in the algorithm. This means if your app has a lot of good reviews and rankings, its ranking position will improve drastically. Good reviews help you stand out from the pack, giving you credibility.
  • Peer recommendation plays one of the most important roles in every consumer decision journey and since apps are downloaded by the tens of thousands so influence of reviews is key. Many will check the reviews before they even consider downloading your app. 

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Common complaints about mobile apps include: Bugs, Crashes, Freezing up, Too many steps to make a purchase, Having to login multiple times, Items disappearing from your shopping cart, The app drains the battery of the phone, Annoying full screen ads, Difficult to use, and Different appearance across multiple devices can be confusing.   

Several ways to improve your app reviews:

  • Continue to update your description in the app store.
  • Respond to negative or suggestive feedback by thanking customers for their feedback and notifying them that you have made changes.
  • (Beta) Testing before release. 

User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) is equally important:

  • Simplifying the interface undoubtedly improves the user experience. “Less is more” so simplify color schemes, Streamline User Elements, & Unify TypeFace.
  • The manner by which the user interacts with the app plays a huge part in UX, satisfaction, retention and monetization of your mobile app. Consider this when planning Swipe functionality, Thumb focused interactions, & Layered Interfaces. 
  • Usability is simply the ease of use. Mobile consumers have zero tolerance for inconvenience. Compuware reports, “79% report that they would only retry an app once or twice if it failed to work the first time.” 


It is important to improve reviews because:

With a highly rated app you will attract more customers/downloads than you would have otherwise based on brand recognitions. Let the reviews do the talking for you. Customers love reading customer feedback.



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