Beacons & In-Store App Marketing: Satisfying Consumer Appetites

Posted by Carolyn Bevacqua on Feb 23, 2015 10:09:00 AM

There has been much talk about beacons and what this means for privacy. Fact: beacons do not detect or store MAC addresses. That aside, the consumer sentiment for beacons and other in-app marketing efforts are on the rise. Here are five fast stats to help retailers understand the consumer’s perspective:


  1. 84% of consumers use their smartphone while in a store.gpshopper_beacons-207x300
  2. 30% of consumers user a store’s mobile app while in-store.
  3. 67% of GPShopper app users opt-in for push notifications (global and location based).
  4. Up to 80% of consumers opt-in to beacons messaging.
  5. 61% of consumers visit a store with beacon marketing campaigns more often than they normally would.


What does all this mean? It means that consumers are bringing together their mobile and in-store experiences into one event. Retailers can use this to inspire conversion through well thought out and well placed mobile messaging. A message can be sent when someone is near a good deal, or to open up their options by pointing them to products like the ones they are browsing. This type of targeted and relevant content can increase purchase intent by 20% and brand awareness by 36%. Furthermore, consumers that use mobile apps in-store convert at nearly double the typical mCommerce rate.


So, don’t leave your consumer at the door. Use a beacon to bring them in.

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