Beauty Customers Prefer Consulting with their Mobile Device, Not Your Sales Associate

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Jun 20, 2016 10:00:00 AM
Elizabeth Hoffman

To answer beauty needs and solve their shopping dilemmas, beauty consumers are turning to technology and more specifically, their mobile. In fact, 45 percent of beauty consumers use their mobile device to search for product information while in-store, choosing to consult their device over a sales associate.

What does this mean? Consumers want to be left alone while they shop, which is fundamentally changing the way retailers in the beauty industry need to think about their customer engagement.

Mintel found in a 2016 report that smartphones are the preferred device used to purchase cosmetics.  So what do beauty shoppers want from their mobile?

  • 58% are interested in mobile apps that provide beauty product offers to redeem in-store
  • 47% have redeemed coupons using their smartphone
  • 54% want apps that allow them to compare prices

What's interesting is that more than half of beauty purchases by consumers, 63%, are planned to replenish items they regularly use - so these are indeed your most loyal customers. A third of shoppers end up venturing out with the intent to try something new and of those purchases, 22% are persuaded to purchase through a sale or coupon.




Here's where the opportunity for a mobile app strategy really comes into play. With so many of beauty shoppers making routine purchases and preferring to reference their mobile device for information and coupons, beauty retailers are prime to capitalize on a mobile app strategy to cater to those needs directly. With a mobile app strategy, retailers can:

  • provide beauty product information easily and conveniently to consumers, directly where they are
  • engage routine beauty shoppers & influence future purchases by delivering coupons as desired through the mobile app 
  • make mobile the center to their omni-channel strategy by pushing out offers, loyalty and more that bring customers into stores to test out products
  • provide social sharing capabilities and build brand advocacy as 69% of heavy beauty shoppers enjoy giving product feedback online
  • manage subscription and replenishment services, catering to the 63% of regular, repeat beauty purchases

Learn more about how the right mobile app strategy will influence and cater to your beauty consumers. Contact us for more information.


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