Long-Tail Benefits of a Mobile App

Posted by GPShopper on Mar 19, 2015 11:00:00 AM


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Mobile has come a long way. Instead of pondering the most impressionable design for the company’s mobile website, marketers are now faced with the most recent deliberation of investing in a mobile app experience or simply sticking to mobile Web-based marketing.

AlexAlex Muller, CEO at mobile marketing platform GPShopper, discusses the long-tail benefits of a mobile app experience and how it proves to be a viable investment.

“If the intent is to drive repeat business—[such as] increasing average orders from your loyal consumers or increasing the number of loyal consumers—that's better done in an app.”

He emphasizes the additional opportunities of mobile apps for both retailers and customers alike. "Through an app, marketers can create more detailed and customized experiences for consumers; experiences that live beyond the limitations of HTML 5 through games, loyalty portals, location, and other mobile-centric mechanisms. And these types of mobile experiences are often best used for long-term nurturing initiatives such as loyalty programs."

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