Best Practices for In-Store Mobile Strategy in 2015

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Feb 19, 2015 9:16:00 AM
GPShopper Press Coverage

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Interview with Maya Mikhailov

GPShopper's Co-Founder and CMO, Maya Mikhailov, discusses the importance of understanding and connecting with customers at multiple points of the buyer's path to purchase. 

Mobile commerce is often erroneously reduced to the question, "What % of my overall sales took place on a smartphone or tablet?" This limited view ignores the influence that mobile technology has on sales at the online, local and in-store level.  A well-executed mobile strategy unifies unify channels, wrapped in a convenient package for your biggest brand fans. Brand loyalty and in-store action cannot be ignored, especially since these elements impact the purchase decision process so heavily. In the apparel industry, which is often driven by brand and lifestyle appeal, the mobile device plays a pivotal role in sealing that customer connection and long-term brand loyalty."


Mikhailov speaks about crafting your brand's mobile experience to suit the lifestyle of each customer, creating the most enticing user experience for research prior to purchase while ultimately boosting loyalty. 

"Mobile strategy refers to understanding where your customer is on her journey with your brand and how to best connect with her in that context." 

She discusses key points such as: 

  • Using mobile to educate and empower your customer, citing distinct functionality of The North Face's Moblie application.
  • Utilizing new technologies to make retail environments interactive, using beacons and personalized messaging.  
  • Understanding the future of retail, "pairing popular apparel with the connected consumer lifestyle."

In closing, Maya emphasizes that mobile strategy is essential to connecting with the modern shopper: 

"What better way to celebrate and reward these loyal consumers than providing them with the heightened and personalized experience they all seek? A sound mobile strategy is the icing on the cake that can really catapult your brand into recognition securing a long-term position in this exciting future of retail." 

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