5 Ways Retail Will Change

Posted by GPShopper on Jun 5, 2014 1:59:06 PM

beacons beautyA fantastic article ran this week in Entrepreneur Magazine online, citing 9 ways “the future of retail will blow your mind.” We found ourselves nodding along to many of the points.

Here are 5 that struck a chord:

1. Personal shoppers for all: Mobile apps will transform into personal concierges when shoppers enter a store. In-store beacons will communicate with consumers’ apps, guiding them to their favorite products and telling them more about the items they are considering.

2. Juicy bait hooks passersby. Retailers will target nearby customers with highly personalized messaging, like reminders about items saved on a wish list. A woman passing her favorite beauty store may receive an alert that she is likely running low on moisturizer, given the date of her last purchase.

3. Self-checkout 2.0. More retailers will follow Apple’s lead with its EasyPay self-mobile checkout. The customer find what he or she needs, scan it, selects a payment method and finalize the transaction, avoiding a checkout line.

mobile payment4. On-demand customer service. Mobile apps will allow shoppers to virtually request assistance. Also, store associates will be able to order out-of-stock items seamlessly and select a shopper's preferred delivery method.

5. Out-of-store, out-of-home shopping and flexible fulfillment. More retailers will offer a menu of flexible fulfillment options, whether it's a preorder and pickup in a store or shopping in a store offering free home delivery.

Read the entire article.


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