Mobile Commerce Outlook: Retailers Must Stay Nimble

Posted by GPShopper on May 12, 2014 6:00:10 AM

This year’s most profitable retailers will be those that invest in 3 things - loyalty, creating new relationships and mobile payments.

Mobile Commerce Daily’s 2014 Mobile Commerce Outlook notes that “apparel and accessories retailers will no longer get by with offering only applications and mobile websites, they will have to enable a wider array of mcommerce features.”


Liz Crystal, Chief Marketing Officer of Express, explains the importance of staying nimble:

“At Express, we will continue to evolve our mobile efforts as we learn and adjust to the changing landscape. Our customers continue to shift many of their behaviors to be mobile-centric. As consumer behavior changes, we will also need to evaluate how we measure and attribute mobile activity to commerce – whether that sale happens online or in-store.”

Express is the first specialty retailer to offer mobile payment ability by integrating its private label credit card with its mobile app. With the tap of their smartphone, shoppers can present a digital version of their EXPRESS NEXT credit card upon checkout, where Express employees scan the card at the point of sale. The mobile app also allows customers to manage their account or pay a bill. Internet Retailer credits the app with the retailer’s m-commerce growth, projecting that EXPRESS will increase its mobile commerce sales by an estimated 110% to $31.5 million in 2015, generating 15% of its m-commerce revenue through apps.

The Mobile Commerce Outlook recommends that in addition to native apps with mobile payment functionality, brick-and-mortar retailers will benefit by equipping staff with mobile devices to better offer information and expedite sales and checkouts. Retailers that are more advanced in mcommerce will benefit from taking a use case-centric approach to designing new services. They must involve user testing in all design and development as often as they can.

Read the full outlook report here.



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