Native Apps Drive Retail Sales

Posted by GPShopper on May 9, 2014 5:00:40 AM

Think your mobile website is doing enough for your business? Think again. Customers prefer apps.

Mobile Apps Drive SalesMobile applications are having an incredible impact on retail, with a whopping 84% of brands that establish a mobile presence reporting significant increases in new business activity (ABI Research). Once a consumer downloads a retailer’s app, they not only shop more frequently, but they also spend more on average per visit.

But the business benefits don’t end there. Customers who shop through a retailer’s app – typically the retailer’s most loyal 5% of consumers – now have an outlet to share their purchases and wish lists, becoming powerful brand ambassadors through the use of social media.

A few highlights from ABI’s study:

  • 45.8% of shoppers visit the retailer’s brick-and-mortar locations more often after downloading the branded app
  • 40.4% purchase more products and services from the retailer than they did prior to downloading the app
  • 35.8% regularly tell a friend about their shopping experience
  • 30.8% encourage friends to visit the store

Almost every recent retail report shows that mobile commerce will exceed eCommerce and other channels within the next two years. Here at GPShopper, we’re seeing the power of retail apps firsthand, as our clients experience higher sales revenues, increased store visits, stronger brand loyalty and customer retention. Our retailers are receiving praise for delivering convenient and personalized shopping experiences, and in turn collecting valuable data and consumer insight that help them better serve customers and boost sales.


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