Shoppers Warm to Opt-In Tracking

Posted by GPShopper on May 5, 2014 7:00:36 AM

A recent BizReport article reports that smartphone carrying shoppers are starting to accept in-store tracking, under one condition: OPT-IN.

In-store analytics

Retailers have been deploying beacons in their brick-and-mortar shops with the hopes of unlocking deep customer insight to help boost impulse buys, personalize the in-store shopping experience, strengthen customer loyalty and increase revenue. But shoppers have been wary of this data collection. OpinionLab revealed that 60% of consumers have concerns about retailers keeping their data secure, and 67% wonder if retailers will use data collected purely for their own benefit. 44% of respondents said they would be less likely to shop in a store they knew was tracking them without their permission.

Changing Consumer Opinion
But Helen Leggatt’s BizReport story shows that, with almost half of retail shoppers willing to receive mobile marketing from retailers, consumer sentiment is changing. The key to success is allowing consumers to manage their relationship with retailers – so let them – and provide all consumers with the option to opt in… and out.

It is important to make your customers aware of your in-store tracking programs, giving them a clear choice in participation.

Growing Your Opt-In List
The fastest way to grow your opt-in list? Discounts. The promise of deals and exclusive offers is the primary drivers for customer consent, and its also the leading motivation for actions taken after the mobile marketing messages are received. According to a recent Responsys study, two-thirds of mobile users who subscribe to marketing messages from brands are likely to take action when they see a pricing-based offer. When you add incentives and discounts, 61% of consumers say tracking is okay if it saves them money.

Read more about beacons privacy.




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