Brands Using Apps to Court Their Most Loyal Customers

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Feb 23, 2015 10:32:00 AM
GPShopper Press Coverage


Article In: Women's Wear Daily

Written by: Rachel Strugatz

GPShopper's cofounder and EVP, Maya Mikhailov, sits down with the fabulous Rachel Strugatz to discuss how Mobile Apps offer brands the most effective way to cater to their more loyal customers. 

Loyal customers can now be cherished by brands thanks to mobile applications. Consumers are doing just about everything on their phones these days. According to Adobe Digital Index, mobile sales grew 36% last year to about $49 billion.

Principal analyst at Adobe, Tamara Gaffney talks about smartphones driving a higher share of visits to US retailers compared to tablets and how this will only increase the number of shoppers buying instead of browsing with the current outpouring of larger sized smartphones.

The difference between mobile apps and websites is discussed, bringing design freedom and personalization to the forefront. 

GirlsShoppingApps are the latest and what seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle, in terms of creating a seamless shopping experience for a brand’s biggest spenders.

Our cofounder and EVP, Maya Mikhailov, affirms, “An app is for your most loyal customer — it’s not for everyone. It’s maybe for 20 percent of your customers — but it’s those 20 to 30 percent that are driving 80 percent of sales.”

Screen_Shot_2015-02-09_at_10.26.48_AMMikhailov emphasizes, “When done right, an app reinforces the brand’s lifestyle proposition and gives users incentives to purchase and connect on a more personal level. She cites internal data revealing the average app customer has a 15 to 20 percent higher average cart value than the mobile Web user. Additionally, "they have engagement rates 10 times greater than the Web user and spend about 20 minutes per month on an app, versus a couple of minutes per month on a mobile Web site."

This informative article features pertinent data from top retailers such as Sephora, Lululemon and Alibaba, presenting quotes and expertise from Alex and Ani’s senior VP of digital Ryan Bonifacino and Boohoos’ CEO Carol Kane, who provides a more global perspective on e-tailer mobile sales.

There is no question that smartphones are more relevant than ever!

To read this WWD article in its entirety. 

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