Building Your Brand: 3 Ideas for In-App Video Content

Posted by Lauren Hand on Apr 29, 2015 3:56:00 PM
Lauren Hand

Video is one of the most relevant and effective ways retailers can reach their audiences. Faster connectivity and YouTube have opened the door for customers to easily access video content and vloggers are on the rise. eMarketer found that 51.9% of marketers saw video as a the second leading ROI and this growth extends to mobile: in 2013, 19% of e-commerce videos were played on mobile and in 2014, Liveclicker saw this increase to 25%. 

Here are 3 ideas for how you can make in-app video content work for you:photodune-10660875-couple-watching-media-in-a-tablet-in-a-restaurant-xs

1. Product Demos
Photographs of clothing, shoes and accessories only provide part of the picture. Product videos can give customers more information that cannot be provided in static images: bebe uses them on product detail pages to showcase how a garment moves and flows and highlights dimensions. This can produce a significant impact, "conversion rates were 79 percent higher than those of retailers with video on 0-25 percent of their product pages and 31 percent higher than those with video on 25 - 50 percent of product pages.

2. Brand Story
Retailers can leverage video feeds on YouTube to showcase brand stories. The North Face pulls in their social feed in the mobile app to deliver content on innovation and exploration.

3. Editorial Videos
Explore interactive tools to build deeper engagement. Bloomingdales revamped their video strategy to include editorial material, with the ability to purchase or access an exclusive discount. As Sean Womack at the video firm, Touchstorm describes, "Editorial videos do not sell, in particular, but they meet a consumer's need in the moment they have it - hence their searching - and if your video answers in an informative, on-brand and engaging way, then you have the opportunity to convert this view into the action you want.


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