Cater to How Female Beauty Shoppers Are Using Mobile In-Store

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Aug 18, 2016 10:00:00 AM
Elizabeth Hoffman

As we stated in our last beauty blog post, 45 percent of beauty consumers use their mobile in-store, choosing to consult their device over a sales associate. Now, let's dive a little deeper into that stat and uncover how female shoppers are actually using their mobile in-store.

According to a report by eMarketer, 79% of US female beauty buyers used their mobile in-store to browse user reviews of products. Additionally, 76% of women use mobile apps for browsing merchandise while 24% use apps for purchasing, according to Fluent.

We know that female consumers aren't the only ones using their device in-store while for shopping needs, but it's important to also understand the distinction and needs of female beauty shoppers. The eMarketer report was able to breakdown the path to purchase of these users:




It's clear that female shoppers are looking for beauty inspiration on their mobile devices, this can be via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or beauty bloggers. Yet, if a beauty retailer can intersect with consumers on these social channels and even provide inspiration through mobile apps that are easy to browse and show off new looks, they're more likely to lure in the consumer on their path to purchase already - only this time it will be with their brand instead of a competitor.  

bakirkoy-guzellik-merkezi.jpgUsing the results of the study by eMarketer, here are some other tips that beauty retailers can use to engage with beauty shoppers on their mobile path to purchase:

  • Ensure product information and reviews are easily searchable via a branded beauty mobile app.
  • Provide location services (as desired by the study above) and utilize push notifications that provide offers and incentives to bring consumers directly into stores to test out products.
  • Use mobile to showcase new looks, inspiration and products. Take it one step further and provide beauty support and advice to further meet the desires of female beauty shoppers and become their go-to resource. 
  • Provide social sharing capabilities to build brand advocacy and encourage the reviews that shoppers are looking for - 69% of heavy beauty shoppers like giving feedback online

Learn more about how the right mobile app strategy will influence and cater to your beauty consumers. Contact us for more information.


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