CNBC: True Gault Blends Fashion and Tech to Create Customized Shoes

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Jul 31, 2017 9:15:00 AM
GPShopper Press Coverage

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Written by Lauren Thomas

A quick scan of the foot with an iPhone will result in a customized pair of high heels, delivered from Spain, through an app created by True Gault — the latest brand to crack the code on mass-producing personalized items.

The New York-based shoe start-up has patented a technology that uses 3-D measuring tools to capture the biomechanics of a foot, all from an iPhone's camera. A user will also enter certain foot measurements into the app, helping create a truer representation.

The result is what True Gault calls a "bespoke pair of heels," in a personal fit, and priced at $250 to $350 per pair. "Women can buy shoes online, but size doesn't guarantee fit, so we broke the mold of the shoe industry to redefine the relationship between women and their heels," the company said of its mission.


The start-up was founded by Sandra Gault, who has spent time in past careers at Kodak and IBM. The company is part of Google's Accelerator program, which has notably helped launch other popular brands such as Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club and Casper.

The woman-led company aims to tap into the growing trend of mass customization in fashion and retail. Nike, for example, has managed to grow its online platform after rolling out NikeiD, which allows shoppers to customize their own Nike merchandise.

True Gault is looking to create something similar to Nike's customizable platform, but with high heels and a technology twist. NikeiD boasts an extensive website with design capabilities, but has no app and less integration with 3-D imagery.

More and more retail brands are starting to deliver customized options to shoppers, as the concept gains in popularity and companies are searching for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

"With the success of NikeID, we are seeing brands jump into the mass personalization trends," Maya Mikhailov, co-founder of mobile marketing firm GPShopper, told CNBC. "From The North Face to Gucci, consumers are increasingly having the option to 'make it their own,' at all price points."

With technology on the upswing, mass customization in retail will only grow from here, Mikhailov said. Customization will become more "sophisticated" and special features will be added to extend beyond the selection of colors and patterns, she said.

"Take, for example, Google and Ivyrevel's Data Dress, which uses an app to track a user's activities, lifestyle and environment to create a custom dress. ... It is the beginning of a concept where mass customization would no longer even need user inputs, but instead make product suggestions for what the consumer needs based on tracked activity."

"More and more our clothing will fuse with our devices to create optimal experiences," Mikhailov added. And shoppers are "absolutely willing to pay more" for personalized products. That being said, True Gault's $250 to $350 price point shouldn't be much of an issue.

Read the entire CNBC article.

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