Content: What, Where & When To Share with Consumers

Posted by GPShopper on Apr 10, 2015 11:27:34 AM

Users are inundated with digital content these days. Sometimes, it feels like the world is becoming more ADD. Hulu lets you watch a preview of a tv show in the corner of your screen while another one is already playing. Having a mobile app and all these channels for notification is only one part of the puzzle. Getting the three W’s of content - what, where and when - right can complete it for you.

 What to Share


Consumers are not created equal. Some are more loyal than others. Some may shop with you for trends; others may shop with you for basics. By using user-based targeting, retailers can maximize consumer intelligence. A retailer can cut through the digital noise for their consumers by sending them relevant stories. A consumer that regularly shops 3 to 4 women’s brands would be more interested in an annual sale for those brands than say someone who regularly shops for menswear only.

Where to Share

Mobile is a marketer’s dream. There are so many mediums available to get the message out to your consumers - push notifications, emails, in-store signage - to name a few. Tailor your content to the appropriate medium. A push notification is great for a short, punchy message, like the headline announcement of a new product. An email is great to share more details about that product and in-store signage can remind a consumer why they stepped into the store in the first place. Create a narrative for your consumers through these channels. Use them to support each other instead of compete with each other.

When to Share

Perhaps the hardest “W" to get right, being intentional about when you share something with your consumers. For example, one push notification at midnight before a flash sale can be more effective than multiple messages leading up to it. Similarly with beacons, a notification should be related to the call to action you are asking your consumer to take. A coupon for denim triggered when a consumer is browsing jeans can be an effective medium for conversion. 

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