Contests & Events: Building Brand Awareness

Posted by Carolyn Bevacqua on Mar 14, 2015 10:10:00 AM

When most people think of the merits of a mobile app, they think about the tried and true app features like commerce, push notifications and barcode scanning. These are all useful components for an app to have, but there are other stimulating ways to engage with users. Two very creative ways to leverage a mobile app is through contests and events.

ScreenShot2015-03-14at9.52.11AMContests are one of the most enjoyable ways to build brand awareness. This can be done in plenty of ways, from an Instagram hashtag photo giveaway with user-generated content, to awarding extra entries for refer-a-friend actions. Interestingly enough, 42% of Facebook fans will like a page to qualify for a discount.

Contests can be even more effective when leveraging a mobile app to run giveaways or promotions. Shoe Carnival has done this successfully, by running contests in native mobile apps that mirror their in-store counterparts. App users can enter scratch and win contests, or spin a wheel of savings. By using native app contests, Shoe Carnival continues to reward their most loyal customers and strengthen their relationship with the brand. 

Events are another great way to build brand awareness. One of the outstanding traits of mobile is that location-based actions are part of the package. If events are integrated with a mobile app, users can not only see details of upcoming events, but be alerted when in proximity of one.

Using an app for events can provide users with a place to RSVP to events, network with fellow attendees and start discussions by sharing real time content. One company that specializes in event apps has seen that 56% of its users engage with an event app at least 10 times per day. Events in mobile can be a powerful tool for retailers to engage with their audience and be an effectual indicator when assessing the content they would like to see. 

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