Could Mobile be Marketers' Magic Bullet?

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Oct 1, 2015 8:33:05 AM
GPShopper Press Coverage

Article in Direct Marketing News
Written by Jason Compton

It didn't take long for mobile marketing to upend the marketing status quo. This year, barely a decade after there was even a definable mobile marketing discipline, more than 50 cents of every dollar spent on digital marketing will have been invested reaching customers on a mobile device. Roughly half of all email has been opened on mobile devices for years, and well over 1 billion
smartphones are sold annually.

So, how can marketers use mobile to help hit their marketing targets? Here are areas that will help dial-up mobile marketing performance.

Avoid the app blind alley
The easiest way to keep your mobile strategy from blossoming into all channels is to avoid over-investing in an app that, statistically, no one will use. The average smartphone user interacts with about 26 apps per month according to Nielsen data. That level has been consistent for years, even as the galaxy of available apps continues to grow.

So, an app that simply repackages a mobile browser experience behind a branded icon is a pointless exercise.

“If I bother to download your app, I'm a fan of your brand. I'm raising my hand and saying I like you,” says Maya Mikhailov, CMO of retail commerce developer GPShopper. “These are not your fair-weather fans, and you don't want to just present them with a wrapper to a mobile catalog.”

A worthwhile app must deliver a valuable, useful experience to the best and most engaged customers. In the case of retailers, one place to start is with context-sensitive reskinning that emphasizes the features most relevant to the user's location.

“In-store, you can pull features like wayfinding, current events, and the weekly circular to the fore,” Mikhailov says. “At home, you can provide a glossy catalog view.”

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