Creative Ways to Personalize with Wish Lists this Holiday

Posted by Lauren Hand on Oct 30, 2014 1:13:54 PM
Lauren Hand

Maya-MikhailovAs quoted in Mobile Marketer last month, Maya Mikhailov emphasized the impact that mobile will have on the upcoming holiday retail season.

“Mobile will absolutely enhance shopping wish lists this year,” said Mikhailov, EVP and Co-Founder of GPShopper. “More and more people will be relying on their mobile devices to create their wish lists and refer to them in stores while they shop.”

And this year specifically, the greatest opportunities for retailers to leverage mobile shopping lists are being created by beacons – giving brands the ability to personalize messaging and encourage customers to shop both in stores and

User-Based Targeting with Beacons
Imagine a consumer adding LEGO Fusion Set to his mobile wish list. As he strolls the LEGO aisle at Toys“R”Us, the retailer’s strategically placed and pre-programmed beacons essentially “wake up” the shopper’s mobile app, reminding him that the nearby item is on his list, perhaps even giving him a compelling offer to add it to his cart. 


Mikhailov notes, however, that the ability to tap into customer wish lists and provide proximity-based offers won’t be fully realized until 2015, when retailers have really begun to operationalize their beacon strategies.

For the remainder of 2014, expect more generic messaging around wish lists that aren’t proximity based in-store - a great first step towards the ultimate personalized shopping experience.

Leveraging iOS8 Capabilities to Drive Conversions and Loyalty
TNF_Wish_List_“Retailers should be using iOS8 interactive alerts to start reminding their customers of products on their wish lists with an image of that product – especially if it’s combined with an offer to incentivize the sale,” said Ms. Mikhailov.

“Any opportunity to help a customer build their wish list is a good idea for a retailer, whether that’s directly via mobile (like scanning products in-store to add to wish list), Twitter, Pinterest, or any third party. This convenience gives your app greater utility, encouraging increased downloads, conversions and brand loyalty.”

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