Don't Snooze Through This...Scale and Security Matter for Mobile Success

Posted by Maya Mikhailov on Feb 16, 2016 9:30:00 AM

This is the last in a four-part series helping retailers plan their 2016 mobile strategy. Read the preceding posts, "Mobile was Huge for Holiday 2015... Now What?""If They Cannot Search for You, They Will Find Another", and "Stop Measuring Mobile Incorrectly."

Making an app well-designed and usable is just the tip of the iceberg of mobile application strategy. Under the surface is performance, security and reliability. There were some notable and very public crashes this holiday season from omnichannel retailers. But even those that didn’t black-out saw significant increases in traffic and a slowdown of their digital properties. In mobility, handling app scale can involve different strategies from mobile web scale. Apps can take advantage of even more local device caching. However, on the flip side, they can also generate a lot more load - even on a smaller user base. Mobile_Commerce_Security.png

Security is another issue that often takes a back seat to app design. As apps become a bigger player in commerce, application security must be included in the conversation. Although apps have natural defenses against certain types of attacks, they are not immune to malicious players.


Mobile Action Items for 2016
Don’t live load test. Meaning, you need to know what digital capacity you can handle well in advance of needing to handle it. Know where the “leaks” are and plug them. For security, make sure your provider is PCI compliant (at a minimum!) and has experience with app-specific security concerns. When in doubt, use a reputable third party to scan the apps for issues.

Mobile is increasingly taking a larger share of the digital shopping pie, yet many retailers were caught flat-footed in the 2015 holiday season when smartphones surged in generating spend. Refining Mobile Strategy means taking both mobile web and app strategy to the next level. Connecting with mobile customers is more than building an app, it’s executing a strategy that connects with stores, scales, and looks at the right analytics to measure cross-channel success. 2016 is a huge opportunity for retailers to stop being reactive with mobile strategy and start proactively connecting to their shoppers preferred digital device.

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Read the preceding posts in this four-part series, "Mobile was Huge for Holiday 2015... Now What?""If They Cannot Search for You, They Will Find Another", and "Stop Measuring Mobile Incorrectly."

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