Driving App Downloads with Email

Posted by Lauren Hand on Mar 24, 2015 3:23:00 PM
Lauren Hand

Utilizing email to drive app downloads doesn't have to end after that initial 'Launch Announcement' alerting customers of your new mobile appThere are numerous ways email can be harnessed to entice app downloads. 

Take into consideration the number of employees your company has. Think about how many outgoing emails each of these valuable brand representatives sends in any given day. If every employee includes a link to and mention of your company’s app in their email signature, the scope is phenomenal and the audience remains a willing recipient.

There are a high percentage of business relationships that are fostered by daily email exchanges: meeting invites, gathering quotes, vendor relationships. Simply placing a link to download your company’s mobile app or news of its launch in countdown style is a wonderful and free opportunity to reach an extensive audience that is both business and personal. Taking this a step further, include mention of your mobile app in your voicemail messages as well.


You already have a database of people who have sought you out for previous offers or as a thought leader in your space. Leverage this collection of opted-in emails to launch email announcements about your mobile app. These are people who know your name and already hold some level of trust in your brand or company. They will feel honored to receive word of your upcoming launch and appreciate that information and advance notice to be able to spread the word themselves, as news is power!

Start a few weeks before the launch of your app, include screenshots of innovative features this audience would love to brag to family, friends and coworkers about. Position your Mobile app as something special and the news of its launch as privileged information. It’s all about creating buzz. Everyone wants to know about the newest offerings, the latest functionality, and the hottest innovators. This is buzz-worthy and sticky.

Make sure your customer always knows there are multiple ways to connect with your brand. For example, when a customer signs up for your email program encourage them to download the app. Or if your customer is unsubscribing from your email program you should encourage them to download the app. Be sure to provide reminders and incentives to download and engage, such as The North Face’s “Never stop exploring photo contest” where the most creative, epic photo gets a $100 egift card. 

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