Dwell Time: The Metric You Are Missing

Posted by Lauren Hand on Jan 29, 2015 11:11:00 AM
Lauren Hand

You have heard it before: Beacons can transform the way your brand interacts with consumers, and provides your marketing team with valuable insights on how to improve in-store experiences.Beacon+GPShopper_V2-791x1024

Most retailers are familiar with the digital metrics used in beacons reporting, such as traffic counts, visitors and conversion rates. One metric that is key but often overlooked is dwell time.

Dwell time - in the context of beacons reporting - is the length of time that a visitor spends at a particular interaction point before returning or moving on to another part of the store. This measurement is critical. It can give retailers a picture into how consumers are consuming content in stores and the paths they take to conversion.

One way in which dwell time can be useful is for retailers to understand which areas of the store are most popular by analyzing the areas where visitors spend the most time. They can use data to test product placement popularity and what messaging engages their consumers. Another way this feature can be used to deepen engagement. Retailers can use dwell time and hyper geo location as a trigger to introduce a mobile offer via a push notification

Beacons offer insights that traditional metrics cannot capture. Digital and brick-and-mortar shopping continue to move together into one experience. Dwell time can help capture this and bring your consumer a best-in-class experience.

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