E-Commerce & Loyalty Integrations: The Keys to your Mobile Retail App

Posted by Lauren Hand on Jan 11, 2016 10:00:00 AM
Lauren Hand

Loyalty and e-commerce integrations are arguably the #1 key to a stellar mobile app offering. Retailers want their mobile app to capture the best of their desktop site while offering easy access to account information (like available rewards and card balance) for their mobile app users. These customers have self-selected as the retailers' most loyal fan base. They spend more and shop more - not only in-app but in-store and online, as well. PacSun_Images.png

E-Commerce Integrations
GPShopper introduced the first mobile application cartridge certified by Demandware - one of the leading cloud-based e-commerce platform for retailers and brands - over one year ago.With the certified GPShopper cartridge, Demandware clients gain accelerated speed to market with both Apple and Android iOS mobile apps, an increased level of reliability and security, and the fastest native checkout possible.

“GPShopper’s unique app features and tech integrations can provide our clients with added value beyond their existing mobile websites,” Zachary Cook, Director of Technology Partnerships for Demandware, said at the time. “The combined power of Demandware Commerce with GPShopper enables joint customers to bring a top-performing, secure and reliable mobile app to market in a fraction of the time normally required.”

Loyalty Integrations
In addition to e-commerce integrations, the convenience of digital loyalty programs alone makes the case for retailers to offer their brand fans a superior mobile app. In a super-mobile world, we’re hailing cabs in minutes with Uber, ordering delivery with Seamless, and running errands without leaving the house (see Postmates). All of it made possible with a few swipes on our mobile phone. Convenience is king! 

And convenience is the #1 factor driving customer loyalty. It should come as no surprise that the easiest way to harvest a loyal customer base is simply by tweaking your mobile loyalty strategy. 

1. Ditch the plastic

No one wants their wallet overflowing with cards, whether loyalty or credit. Integrate your app with a mobile payment system that allows customers to both access their rewards and check out with a tap of a button. Allow your customer to reorder a product or access their account details without having to reenter their banking or shipping details each time they use your app.

2. Simple Self-Segmenting

Loyalty doesn’t have to be difficult or overly sophisticated. Take Lunds and Byerly’s. They’ve created special interest groups like a Wine Club, which educates members about new and existing wine products, offers them discounts on those products, and holds members-only tasting events in the store. Programs like this give customers the power to tell the retailer how they want to be marketed to. Handing consumers the reigns increases their sense of value and keeps them coming back.

“Retailers are quickly beginning to understand the importance of adding a native app to their mobile strategies since app-specific functions, like push notifications and loyalty rewards, are now primary drivers of revenue growth, in-store sales and increased conversions,” says Alex Muller, CEO and Co-Founder of GPShopper

For more ways to increase revenue and loyalty with mobile commerce app integrations, contact info@gpshopper or 212-488-2222.



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