Forrester Research: A Recipe for Mobile App Success

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Dec 1, 2016 10:30:00 AM
Elizabeth Hoffman




Even though we are in the thick of the Holiday season, retailers are looking to 2017 and the new challenges they'll be faced with. Incorporating a mobile app and strategy can build momentum and help retailers to do more with less, by reaching new consumers, driving repeat business, increasing order values and much more. This past Black Friday alone, mobile sales generated over $1.2 Billion in revenue. Yet, too often, retailers launch apps and assume that action, in itself, is enough.

It takes more than just measuring metrics like downloads to determine an apps success as detailed in a recent Forrester Research report, A Recipe for Mobile App Success, written by Jennifer Wise, Senior Analyst &  Julie Ask, VP and Principal Analyst for eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. The report focuses on how to market, engage and manage mobile app performance to drive business outcomes. These strategies vary depending on different focus areas.

For example, in order to engage consumers, retailers are encouraged to manufacture mobile moments to drive downloads and app use. These 'moments' will vary depending on the goods - such as daily consumables or infrequent purchases. For daily consumables, such as groceries, weekly reminders and coupons are suitable. On the flip side, for infrequent or higher cost goods, more consideration is done, so retailers are encouraged to create content that may be browsed and is aspirational in nature.

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To create a successful mobile app and strategy, businesses have to be sure to first market the app they've created, provide a high-quality experience, and then focus on setting meaningful key performance indicators to measure appropriately for their brand.

This report from Forrester Research, gives the ingredients you need in order to witness mobile app success, with a focus on key takeaways you can incorporate today, such as:

  • Driving App Downloads
  • Creating Great App Experiences
  • Setting Realistic Performance Metrics

Download the report for free to learn more and connect with one of our mobile strategy experts for added information on how to create the best app strategy for your brand.

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