Forrester Research Predicts Most Brands Will Underinvest in Mobile in 2015

Posted by Lauren Hand on Nov 21, 2014 2:52:00 PM
Lauren Hand

ForresterThis year's Predictions Report from Forrester Research expects that in 2015, brands that have embraced mobile will "accelerate spending to create an insurmountable gap between themselves - the industry leaders - and the laggards who view mobile as just another channel." 

While the second group "will struggle to deliver results, differentiate their brands, and justify the budgets they need to stay competitive," the mobile-embracing marketing leaders "will transform their brands’ customer experiences and drive business outcomes by taking a sophisticated approach that focuses on how to activate mobile experiences." 

The differentiator for these mobile experiences? "Privacy," says Forrester

Privacy Means Action for Marketers
Marketing leaders hoping to make the most of mobile data cannot afford to fail on privacy. Collecting data from smartphones and connected objects, even in anonymous form, demands that you evolve your privacy policy and practices. Marketers must collaborate with their legal and security teams to translate their overarching privacy policy into something that is practical to ingest on a mobile device.

Maya-MikhailovYou must be very transparent on the mobile data you are collecting, the purpose(s) it will be used for, and — most importantly — you must abide by that agreement without fail. For example, this means that "marketers should implement double opt-in processes for the beacon in-store experience" as Maya Mikhailov, founder of GPShopper, recommends. Marketers must prioritize such an approach in countries like France or Germany, where regulation is restrictive and consumers' sensitivity about privacy is high.

Access the full Forrester Predictions 2015 Report here.

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