Giving Your Customers Options: In-Store Product Scanning

Posted by Lauren Hand on Jan 21, 2015 9:04:00 AM
Lauren Hand

In-store product scanning delivers an enhanced shopping experience, allowing clients to build wishlists, scan products and checkout all on their own, via a mobile app

This is not new technology: retailers having been taking advantage of QR code scanning successfully for years, with one company logging 89 million interactions alone in 2013. Pepsi took this one step further by offering in-store QR codes that saw a conversion rate of 48% on $5-off coupons. But this is the only beginning of how retailers can leverage scanning and built-in cameras. By introducing in-store product scanning on mobile apps, customers are awarded the ultimate personal shopper with options available to suit individual client's needs.

TNFOne of the most successful use cases for scanning is giving your customers flexibility to build their own wish lists. By building in 1D and 2D barcode scanning, customers can scan items to pocket away for a wish list. Retailers like The North Face have expanded on this relatively simple technology to provide more relevant content based on the customer's taste profile with price comparison tools, offering "Products Like" what is being viewed and researching products. 

Finally, retailers can use in-store product scanning to achieve an enhanced shopping experience. ShopRite piloted a program where users can scan products and checkout on their own via a mobile app. Nikki Baird at RSR Research remarked, "there are always two main benefits that shoppers are looking for: Save me time, and/or save me money. So mobile scanning done right can accomplish both goals - avoid lines and having to unload a cart in order to bag it all up, and present offers or coupons on the items that customers want as they either build a list or build a cart."


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