GPShopper and Synchrony at Money 20/20

Posted by GPShopper on Oct 20, 2015 9:30:00 AM

How are best-in-class retailers leveraging digital technology to maximize customer engagement? What tools and strategies are most valuable to them? And what role do payments play? In this session, senior execs from traditional, specialty and oil & gas retailers share how they are using technology and actionable customer insights to create personalized and context-aware experiences that excite their customers and engage them with the brand.


Additionally, our VP of Mobile Strategy & Research, Bill Siwicki, will be unveiling findings from GPShopper's September 2015 survey of 1,100+ US adults on their mobile usage and shopping behaviors in a Monday morning session focusing on mobile payments and mobile shopping apps. 

Consumers are shopping on their phones in increasing numbers. While smartphone retail experiences are often virtual, their impacts are always concrete. In this session, GPShopper unveils new research on mobile payments and mobile shopping apps, how apps are being used and the strategies retailers are deploying to best serve today’s highly mobile consumer.

Learn more about Money 20/20 or contact us to meet with Maya or Bill at the conference. 

Topics: Retail Tech News, Mobile Retail Apps, Mobile Payments

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GPShopper is a mobile commerce platform and app developer for retailers, using technology to transform the total retail experience.  GPShopper is a Synchrony solution. 
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