GPShopper study finds Americans still prefer shopping in-store

Posted by Lauren Hand on Oct 24, 2018 8:00:00 AM
Lauren Hand

In contrast to the many media reports claiming in-store shopping is dead, GPShopper's recent research uncovered that, in fact, it's still the preferred shopping method for a majority of Americans. As for shoppable social ads and subscription boxes? They didn't fare so well.Shoppable Social: Hot or Hype?

Other key takeaways from the 1,100+ consumers surveyed:

  • 58% prefer to shop for clothing at long-standing physical stores over newer retailers.

  • Only 7% became a repeat customer of a product they received in a subscription box.

  • Only 8% discovered a new favorite brand from a subscription box.

Not only did the study uncover what motivates consumers today, it also predicted what the most desired channels will be 10 years from now. Download the full research report. 

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