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Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Apr 18, 2016 10:00:00 AM
Elizabeth Hoffman

grocery-cart-full-of-organic-produce.jpgGrocery shopping, as anyone knows, can be a real chore! If only we didn't need to eat right?

What makes the grocery industry so unique is that the majority of business is made up by repeat orders and weekly visits by customers. Today's grocers are trying to help consumers out by making that experience as seamless and frictionless as possible, so consumers can get in, get their grocery items and get on with their busy lives.

Grocery chains both large and small can take notes from leading brands like Kroger and Walmart that are using mobile apps to engage with customers and make their shopping easier. Both Kroger and Walmart are now encouraging and enabling their customers to create grocery lists via mobile apps and take advantage of coupons or loyalty programs. Walmart is taking it one step further and enabling customers to place their grocery order via a mobile app for convenient pickup and delivery service. Talk about convenience!

The entire process makes the agonizing pain of weekly grocery shopping that much easier. It's amazing that more grocery retailers aren't catching on, but we expect that to change quickly! When creating a mobile app for your grocer business needs, we're outlined the following items you must take into consideration to make the mobile app a success:

Walmart_Checkout.png1. Make it easy for consumers to create and store shopping lists on your mobile app. They're already using their phone to do this, let them do it while selecting items from your store.

2. Have a 'store locator' feature so consumers can easily find the nearest store and create a store favorite.

3. Integrate your coupons and loyalty program into the app. 69% of grocery shoppers use mobile to access coupons in-store, make it easy for them to do this.

4. Push weekly offers to consumers via the mobile app to engage customers and train them to check the app routinely for offers, thus bringing them in-store.

5. Product locator and store navigation maps are helpful to have in the app so consumers can easily find what they are looking for.

6. Incorporate the mobile app into your business strategy! Ordering through the mobile app can be more seamless than ordering by phone or through a separate online site. Have a few runners that can organize consumer grocery order lists for convenient pick-up. This will further move product and increase orders to your store, all while creating brand loyalty.

By making mobile center to the customer experience and engaging with customers routinely with tools and resources that are most relevant to them, grocers are able to stand out and make their store, the store of choice for consumers.

Find out how the right mobile strategy can improve your grocer business. Contact us today.


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