How Some Beacon Programs are Missing the Mark

Posted by GPShopper Press Coverage on Aug 11, 2014 9:50:00 AM
GPShopper Press Coverage

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Most marketers are not ready today to deliver the kind of real-time contextualization necessary for beacon engagements that customers will find valuable, according to a recent brief from Forrester Research.

GPShopper Beacon Management Interest in beacon technology among retailers is huge, according to the brief, “The Opportunities And Challenges Of Beacon Marketing.” However, marketers should be careful to not overhype the opportunity and forget to put the customer at the center of their strategies.

“The biggest mistake that some marketers are making is using beacons as a technology gimmick or for the ‘gee whiz’ factor,” said Maya Mikhailov, executive vice president and co-founder of GPShopper. “Some retailers are using beacons solely as an alternative form of couponing.


“While delivering relevant deals upon your customers 

visit is certainly a viable use for beacon technology, couponing is just a small part of a much larger initiative when implemented correctly,” she said.

“Marketers should think beyond deals and discounts and focus on engagement and personalization.”

Read the entire article from Mobile Commerce Daily.


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