Increasing App Downloads with Exclusive Offers

Posted by Lauren Hand on Oct 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM
Lauren Hand

There is no season more important for optimal app performance than Holiday. Here are some ways we’ve seen our retail clients boost their app downloads simply by making the most of marketing and offering features not available through other channels, especially on Black Friday.PacSun-WishList.png

Some simple tips to build your app’s audience pre-holiday include:

  1. Wish Lists & Gift Guides
    Build your app audience by enticing them with exclusive offers and features that aren’t available online or on your mobile website, like Wish Lists with price & stock alerts, or interactive push notifications personalized with personalized gift ideas. Promoting benefits that provide exclusive access to your brand gives your shoppers a reason to download your mobile app.

  2. Touch ID
    Touch ID is a convenient, app-only feature that gives shoppers easy access to their Shopping Cart, Wish Lists, and Checkout. Let your customers know they can scrap their passwords and instantly log into your app – the convenience-factor is a major draw. Additionally, offering a frictionless shopping experience ensures higher cart conversions.
  1. Sneak Peaks
    Get shoppers excited with Interactive Push Notifications showcasing products and special offers.
  1. Reward Loyalty
    Mobile apps and loyal customers go hand-in-hand. Reward your dedicated fan base with early access to deals or info via your app. Making a customer feel special keeps them dedicated to your brand and spending more.

Download GPShopper’s Holiday Planning Calendar for Retailers for more date-specific, proven strategies for increased app downloads and sales across all channels this 2016 holiday season.

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