Kroger's Mobile App Success Proves the Move to Mobile

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Jan 7, 2016 9:30:00 AM
Elizabeth Hoffman

Kroger's mobile app has been making a splash lately with recent updates that included adding location-based shopping lists, weekly offers and more that demonstrate a shift in the way the grocery industry should utilize mobile.

In this week's Mobile Commerce Daily, Kroger's mobile app refresh signifies the move for more grocers to update their mobile presence and app functionality. Americans are referring to their mobile device more and more for all of their shopping needs and grocery is no exception. A study conducted by NinthDecimal Mobile Audience found that consumers are repeately using their mobile to complete their weekly grocery shopping in order to reserach products, check prices and access coupons. 

  • Grocer Mobile App.jpg59% of consumers use their mobile device for shopping lists
  • 68% use thier mobile to discover new products
  • 69% use mobile to save and access coupons in store
  • 35% browse recipes 

The grocery retail giant Kroger recognized these trends and moved quickly to capitalize on them by updating their app before the competition. Their newly launched app now automatically saves grocery list items and displays the aisle location of each product.

They are also able to send out targeted promotions to consumers based on their past shopping behavior. Since the original launch in 2010, the Kroger app has been downloaded over 10 million times and over 2.5 digital coupons have been delivered - which proved the theory that mobile apps for grocers work. Leveraging the audience and users that have already engaged in the app, Kroger is now planning to use that consumer data to further create brand awareness and increase spend in-store. 

Kroger isn't the only grocer to witness business success from their mobile app. Cutting edge grocers like Lunds & Byerlys have also been taking notice of consumer mobile trends and launched a mobile app built by GPShopper in 2015. Since the release, they've seen an incredible jump in consumer engagement and have utilized the app to distribute mobile coupons, deliver targeted offers, increase in-store sales and create brand loyalty to become the "store of choice" for their consumers.   

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