Shoppers Try New Beauty Looks with L'Oreal's "Makeup Genius" App

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Mar 11, 2016 10:00:00 AM
Elizabeth Hoffman

LOreal_Makeup_Genius_at_Work.pngVirtual reality isn't just for video games anymore, it can now help you craft the perfect beauty look - right from the palm of your hand. Beauty retailers like L'Oreal are taking advantage of virtual reality technology to create dynamic makeup trial experiences with their "Makeup Genius" mobile app and it's changing the way shoppers interact with their brand.

The "Makeup Genius" app is able to access the users device camera to recognize facial features, allowing shoppers to virtually apply makeup like lipstick or eyeshadow, directly onto their face (as shown to the right). This enables them to try out new colors, products and trends directly from their mobile device. The truly genius innovation gives a realistic view of what a product or color would actually look like on the shopper and then enables them to purchase that item with just the tap of their finger. 

What makes this so popular? Sometimes that stunning cat eye looks amazing on the red carpet but in person, it doesn't always have the same glamorous effect. Or when trying on new makeup at the counter during a lunch break, you're forced to remove your current makeup and look for the day for a product you may not even like. The virtual reality feature allows users to conveniently test out a variety of products to see what works best for them hassle free - in the privacy of their own home or in a retail environment -  and even share photos with friends to get their opinion. The result is that they are able to really play around and get creative with new styles and products that they may be too shy to physically test out at the store in a public environment. So, do shoppers like this virtual reality feature? Let the numbers do the talking.

  • The "Makeup Genius" app currently has over 10 million downloads
  • There have been more than 64 million product trials worldwide
  • The app won 4 Gold Lions at the 2015 Cannes Lions Festival for its innovation

The ability for the app to connect consumers with products they'll love and the ease of purchase from their mobile device, truly connects the customer journey from discovery, to experience and checkout. Additionally, being able to view customer product trials and know what they're interested in, makes it easier for L'Oreal to craft targeted promotions and offers that further delight the customer, build brand loyalty and of course, enhance the bottom line. 



Beauty retail giants like Sephora, the Honest Company and others are quickly developing mobile app strategies around virtual reality features like this in order to connect the customer buying journey and cater to shopping needs. What's your strategy? GPShopper has already worked with leading beauty brands like Estee Lauder to create engaging mobile apps. Find out how the right mobile app strategy can improve your business. Contact us today.

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