Lunds & Byerlys Build Repeat Business With Mobile

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Feb 29, 2016 9:00:00 AM
Elizabeth Hoffman

Lunds_Main_Screen_Phone.pngConsumers are using their mobile devices for everything these days and grocery shopping is no exception. Over 59% of consumers are creating grocery shopping lists on their mobile device and using it in-store, leading to grocery chains like Kroger, to refresh their mobile app to cater to these trends. 

A leading high-end grocer, Lunds & Byerlys have also been using their native mobile app built by GPShopper to engage customers. They found that in 2015, 85% of weekly visits are returning visitors. What's more impressive is that the app receives over 14 minutes of engagement per user per month. That means Lunds & Byerlys is able to truly engage their consumers to build loyalty and repeat business. So how are they doing this?

Currently, 69% of grocery shoppers use mobile to save and access coupons in-store. Lunds & Byerlys paid attention to this and started to publish their weekly deals to their mobile app offering huge savings every Thursday. This has trained their customers to visit the app to check for these offers, causing traffic to spike on Thursdays. Checking the Lunds & Byerlys app has now become part of their customers weekly routine and allows Lunds & Byerlys to connect with them directly.


hugedeals.jpgAdditionally, since customers are able to create shopping lists in the app 20% of all monthly visits come while shoppers are using their device in-store. By making mobile center to the customer experience and engaging with customers routinely with tools and resources that are most relevant to them, Lunds & Byerlys has been able to stand out among other grocers in their surrounding region and make their store, the store of choice.

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