Forrester Report: Make Smart Mobile Choices

Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Dec 7, 2017 11:35:00 AM
Elizabeth Hoffman


forrester-RGB_logo.pngWith the close of 2017, it's time for retailers to start thinking about their mobile app strategy for 2018.

Over 60 percent of online traffic and 42 percent of sales this Black Friday came from mobile devices - accounting for $1.5 billion in online revenue. Furthermore, consumers will use their mobile devices to purchase $77 billion in goods this year and will influence an additional $1.1 trillion in spend on top of that. It's no wonder that digital businesses are making it a priority to engage with consumers on their mobile devices. However, a recent Forrester Report found that few businesses take mobile far enough and fail to make use of unique mobile capabilities.

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An earlier Forrester Report found that very few businesses prioritize the right mobile goals, often failing to align them with their business objectives and growth. It's important for retailers to invest in the right mobile technology and engagement strategies to succeed in today's retail environment. In the timely Forrester Report: Make Smart Mobile Choices, Julie Ask, VP and Principal Analyst for Forrester, uncovered how businesses were doing just that.


The report found that most digital businesses use a combination of mobile web and apps to serve customers and 74 percent believe their CEOs understand and support these efforts. 

The results are that 57 percent of digital businesses use mobile to engage with consumers throughout the entire shopping lifecycle - beyond pure commerce. Yet, they can do a lot more.

  • Push notifications are found to be most powerful when triggered with real-time context - such as shopping in-store or activity in an app. However, only 37 percent of digital businesses use this tool.
  • Interactive push notifications are projected to become a dominant form of engagement within the next 2-3 years, yet only 9 percent of businesses report using this tactic now.

It's important for digital businesses to make smart mobile choices and understand what the competition is investing in. If businesses wait too long to adopt a new technology or feature, consumers will dump their apps and move onto ones that offer more convenient experiences. Make 2018 the year that you make smart mobile choices. Click on the link to download the report and findings for free.




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