Mobile Apps: A True Customer Expectation

Posted by GPShopper on Apr 15, 2015 11:27:31 AM

First and foremost you must ask these pertinent questions: Who is it for, and why are you building it? Does this mobile app meet a need? Does it solve a problem?

Know the importance of having and strategizing your mobile app. This is more than just keeping up with your competition and adding another shiny object to your repertoire. Having a mobile application has become a consumer expectation. Your mobile application then becomes a sign of respect and appreciation for these brand fans in the form of convenience and personalization. Implementing a mobile strategy will actually increase your sales.  Apps are the latest and what seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle, in terms of creating a seamless shopping experience for a brand’s biggest spenders.


Our cofounder and CMO, Maya Mikhailov, affirms, “An app is for your most loyal customer — it’s not for everyone. It’s maybe for 20 percent of your customers — but it’s those 20 to 30 percent that are driving 80 percent of sales.”

Mikhailov emphasizes, “When done right, an app reinforces the brand’s lifestyle proposition and gives users incentives to purchase and connect on a more personal level. She cites internal data revealing the average app customer has a 15 to 20 percent higher average cart value than the mobile Web user. Additionally, "they have engagement rates 10 times greater than the Web user and spend about 20 minutes per month on an app, versus a couple of minutes per month on a mobile Web site."


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