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Posted by Lauren Hand on Jul 11, 2014 11:06:08 AM
Lauren Hand

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Finally, the idea of in-store beacons offering marketers “one-to-one” communication with their customers has entered the mainstream. Mobile retail platform provider GPShopper has been working towards this moment for years. But what makes their beacon technology different from the rest? We checked in with Alex Muller, CEO and co-Founder of GPShopper, and EVP/Co-Founder Maya Mikhailov to get the scoop. 

GeoMarketing: What is GPShopper? What services do you provide and to whom?

Alex Muller is the CEO and Co-Founder of GPShopper.

Alex Muller: GPShopper is a mobile platform provider for retailers and brands to build upon in terms of deploying an application that meets the needs of their clients or customers. Companies such as The North FaceExpressBest BuyBebe, and even Lunds & Byerly’s use our platform to deploy applications for their consumers. Our clients' mobile apps are fully integrated with that brand’s e-commerce system.

Customers can find where products are available locally, see weekly ads, have access to promotions and coupons. These applications become, as we say, “the remote control to the brand.” In the cases of New York & Company and ExpressGPShopper can connect a retailer’s branded app with the retailer’s private label credit card apps.

GeoMarketing: How did you come to invent such a platform? What inspired you?

AM: We started working in mobile, with more of an agency approach working with retailer clients. We’d say, “Tell us what you need and we’ll build it,” and what we started to realize is that many of these retailers and brands need the same thing. So instead of building something over and over, we built it once, and reused it across our clients.

Maya Mikhailov is the EVP and Co-Founder of GPShopper

Maya Mikhailov: To go deeper into detail, in the late ‘90s, you had a lot of individual development wherein retailers and brands were basically rebuilding the same features set. They needed a virtual cart, for example. They needed the ability to browse and the ability to put their offers on-line. It’s just building the same feature sets over and over again. Then, companies such as Demandware and Hybris emerged, entities that saw there was a commonality with feature sets that as the market started trying to move beyond the experimental phase.

What happened is that the quality demands, the scalability demands, and the operational demands increased. Retailers now had to think: How am I going to run this? How does this contribute to the overall ROI of the organization? How does this scale? Is this secure? There are new standards that are very necessary that retailers have to look at which is where mobile retail platforms such as GPShopper come into play.

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