Mobile Messaging: One Size Doesn't Fit All

Posted by GPShopper on Jan 7, 2015 9:00:00 AM

"Every day is Black Friday for the savvy app user," Flurry found after this year's Thanksgiving weekend. 

While retailers exhaust methods of digital promotion such as email blasts, mobile banner ads and social networking platforms (example: "Pin it to Win It" deals), shoppers rest comfortably knowing they can find deals any day and any time of the week. The cure to this deluge of deals? Getting to know your customers. More than 70% of Americans will use mobile to redeem a coupon this year.

Here are three simple ways to make user-based targeted coupons work for you:

  1. ShoePerkBe personable.
    A "Happy Birthday to you, take 30% off your next order" is much friendlier and feels more special than "30% off everything today". It shows your customers that you recognize and celebrate them.
  1. Be relevant.
    If you love to run and a new high-performance sport jacket is out, a discount would interest you say, over someone that has only ever purchased yoga gear.
  1. Be as loyal to your customers as they are to you.
    Those that purchase frequently deserve more than just a coupon that anyone can access. Offering a secret deal or an exclusive promotion rewards your best customers and reciprocates loyalty.


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