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Posted by Elizabeth Hoffman on Feb 21, 2018 12:03:00 PM
Elizabeth Hoffman


Mobile commerce is propelling retail sales forward in a way that's shifting how Magento etailers should think about their business. Chain Store Age recently reported that by 2020, mobile retail sales will hit 48.5% of ecommerce sales  and will account for $250 billion in revenue. With this consumer shift comes an incredible opportunity for ecommerce savvy retailers to make it easier for consumers to shop their brand. It's great to have a mobile responsive site - but  to make the most your etailing business, investing in a mobile commerce strategy is the way to go. Here's what you need to know:

1. Native Is Better

ps_commerce.pngIt's not enough to just have a mobile presence; retailers need native mobile commerce to see the true benefits that a mobile app can bring. Native apps run 5 times faster than mobile sites and enable an on brand, better user experience as a result. People view 4.6 more products on average in a native app compared to the mobile web and convert to purchase 3x more. If you want to boost numbers even more - add loyalty to the app to increase revenue by up to 20 percent.

The key here is you want the path to purchase and checkout to be as smooth and seamless as possible. You don't want to bounce the customer off the mobile app and onto mobile web to complete the transaction. If you do that, you'll lose the sale and just frustrate consumers that have come to expect immediacy and convenience from their mobile experiences.

An added bonus from having a native mcommerce app is that it gives retailers the chance to send push notifications at the right time to consumers. This is important because push notifications have been proven to lift

2. Apps Lift Sales (Online & Off) With Push 

Coupling a native mobile app offering with a solid push notification strategy converts to serious ROI, in fact:

  • 19 percent of mobile sessions begin after users got a push notification 
  • Push notifications increase user retention, with anywhere from a 56 % to 180% improvement
  • Users who opt into receiving push notifications exhibit 88% higher app engagement 
  • Push messages tailored to user interests have a 54% conversion rate
  • e-commerce apps exhibit the highest push engagement lift at 278%
  • users who enable push are 3x higher retention rate

Push notifications are a powerful tool for retailers to engage with consumers. The best push notification strategies tailor messages, alerts and more so that each notification is relevant and personalized to the consumer. Retailers certainly don't want to go overboard and pester consumers with nonstop messages, but if the messages are timely and personalized with the consumer in mind, the interactions are found to be positively received and drive brand loyalty.  

3. The Time Is Now

Globally, one-third of all ecommerce is mobile driven - with mobile commerce currently accounting for $100 billion in the United States alone. By 2020, mobile sales are expected to hit $250 billion and will account for nearly half of all ecommerce sales. With those numbers, retailers can't afford to miss out on a quarter trillion dollar pie.

The conversation on whether to have a mobile app or not, is over. Instead, the conversation is more focused strategy and the time to have mobile commerce in the market, is now. Let GPShopper wrap your tech in an engaging mobile app to bring a compelling mobile product to your customers with seamless integration to your Magento ecommerce platform. Contact our mobile experts today.

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