New GPShopper Survey Sheds Light on Consumers' Plans to Shop Via Mobile This Holiday season

Posted by Lauren Hand on Oct 30, 2015 9:29:43 AM
Lauren Hand

 The 2015 GPShopper/comScore Holiday Mobile Shopping Survey reveals: 

  • 83% of mobile shoppers will use their phone for holiday shopping.
  • 2/3 of mobile shoppers have had their favorite retailer apps on their phones for six months or more.
  • 55% of mobile shoppers will use their retailer’s mobile app to track deals and prices.
  • 2/3 of mobile shoppers make purchases on their phones.

The vast majority (83%) of smartphone owners who use their phones to shop (“mobile shoppers”) will be using their devices to help shop during the hectic 2015 holiday season, depending on a wide variety of mobile app and mobile web site tools, from mobile coupons to loyalty accounts to local inventory status, finds the new 2015 GPShopper/comScore Holiday Mobile Shopping Survey.

Mobile commerce platform and app developer GPShopper commissioned digital measurement firm comScore Inc. to survey mobile shoppers on their plans for this year’s holiday shopping season, November and December 2015. comScore surveyed 1,189 U.S. adult mobile shoppers whose ages mirror the population of U.S. Internet users. 

Holiday mobile shoppers in large numbers will be using their phones to research products, communicate gift ideas with friends and family, and create shopping lists, the survey finds (see chart above). And many mobile shoppers use their phones as personal shopping assistants for store shopping, comparing prices in-store, seeking product information in-store, locating and navigating to stores, and checking product inventory.

About half of mobile shoppers will rely on mobile apps and mobile web sites during the holidays to provide money-saving coupons, which is not a surprise, the survey finds (see table above). Almost as many mobile shoppers will be looking for customer reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. Nearly 4 in 10 mobile shoppers will access their loyalty accounts on phones while holiday shopping, and about one third will use store locators and bar code scanners, again showing the importance to many shoppers of the mobile phone in stores, the survey finds.

The GPShopper/comScore survey finds that 75% of mobile shoppers have their favorite retailer's mobile app on their phones, and more than 2/3 of mobile shoppers who have downloaded their favorite retailer's app have had the app on their phone for six months or more.

During the 2015 holiday season, mobile shoppers will be using their favorite retailer’s mobile app to cope with store shopping, shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on their phones and generally shopping for deals on their phones rather than go to stores, the survey says (see chart, previous page). Mobile shoppers also will be using their favorite retailer’s mobile app to track deals and prices, buy gifts for others, build wish lists, and share gift ideas with family and friends.

”Mobile phones have never been more important to holiday shoppers than they are this holiday season; mobile shoppers rely on their phones in general and their favorite retailer’s app in particular to help them bust through hectic stores to find exactly what they are looking for, and often to avoid stores completely,” says Bill Siwicki, Vice President of Mobile Strategy and Research at GPShopper. “Retailers need to ensure their apps and sites provide all the tools mobile shoppers need to shop during the holidays, or risk losing shoppers to competitors with better mobile offerings.”


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