Notes From Mobile Marketing Tips from GPShopper, Walgreens and It's Sugar

Posted by GPShopper on Oct 5, 2015 6:20:02 PM

Written by GPShopper's VP of Mobile Strategy and Research, Bill Siwicki

I’m at the 2015 Digital Summit today. As part of today's Digital Retail Boot Camp, Kartik Subramanian, director of product management, mobile commerce, at Walgreens, and I delivered a presentation on mobile commerce and mobile marketing fundamentals, along with some mobile holiday tips.

In another session, entitled “Innovation in Acquisition: Big Data and Real-Time Targeting at the Top of the Funnel,” a retailer speaker gave an engaging presentation on e-mail marketing. The speaker was Michael Dell’Arciprete, director of e-commerce and digital marketing at 80-store chain retailer It’s Sugar, which sells all kinds of candy, some of it quite large. 2015 Digital Marketing sessions with It's Sugar, GPShopper and Walgreens

Dell’Arciprete stressed the importance of gathering e-mails in-store at the point of sale, and training associates to do it right. It’s Sugar has been making a concerted effort to gather store customers’ e-mails, promising in exchange for the e-mail address a thank you e-mail with a 15% discount off the next purchase. Dell’Arciprete reports a powerful 40% open rate on the thank you e-mails, showing that a little incentive can go a long way.

“If you do 20% off you’re doing too much, if you do 10% off nobody cares,” he said.

Dell’Arciprete explained that reporting on e-mail campaigns, especially to store associates, is very important. Reports on the number of e-mail captures per store, the number of offer redemptions per store, and the number of invalid e-mail addresses per store can spur store associates and help a retailer hone its e-mail marketing efforts. He added that on some days It’s Sugar can capture upward of 4,000 fresh e-mail addresses, and that typically, 25% of customers give their e-mail addresses.

On the subject of e-mails, Dell’Arciprete advised attendees to always make sure e-mails are mobile-friendly using responsive design. He added that e-mail messaging should be timely and include social sharing capabilities. Further, e-mails must be relevant: “The days of spraying and praying are ending,” he said.

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